An upside-down World

An upside-down world?

In the world of upside down, the water in the ground (water table) lies above us. This vast body of water hugs the curves of the Earth like a giant funnel of water its heavy weight pressing down on the surface. This giant funnel is composed of water which has completed its journey through the Earth and it just awaits the coming of spring for the turning on of the tap (the plants and trees). As the land warms the leaves and grasses re-appear. Slowly the great hydroponic solution starts to simultaneously fill every tree and plant, as its own giant weight pushes the water through finer and finer meshes (the soil, stems, trunk and branches) it drips continuously like a giant upside-down waterfall, as the sunlight and the wind shake and warm the leaves of the upside down forest….        
When the forest is removed the water is sealed in the ground. Fully exposed to the sun’s fiery heat the surface soil becomes so hot it is baked shut. No rain can get in and no groundwater can get out. Only by re-gaining control of the surface temperature by cooling, ( permaculture) Earth charging (Viktor Schauberger) and re-planting of plants and trees (shading) can we restore the system to health, allowing the lighter than air, sun warmed rain “in”, as the heavier than air, earth filled water, falls gently “out”. On an upside down planet every thing works in the opposite way. The “empty” air made rain is lighter than air and floats up to the surface and into the forest cooled ground, as the heavy, earth filled water escapes into the air through the leaves of every growing thing. To fall forever until it reaches the Sun.

 A science to fit an “UP” world does not work on a world where every single thing is hanging upside down! Held by roots the upside-down forest hangs downwards. Upside down animals and people who think they are on a right way up planet run this way and that. The eye changes reality (the view), it turns every thing the other way, inventing an up! Upside down we all hang by our feet, thinking we are standing upright. But the planet doesn’t have human eyeballs! On every part of the planet on land and on sea we all look down into the depths, where the stars all live.

There is no up on planet Earth. The top of Mt. Everest is the lowest point on Earth.

The last tip of land above THE VOID.

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