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After 15 years of research and hard work we are happy to be able to introduce our new range of Universal Eggs.
We offer the range of terracotta and stoneware in all sizes.The stoneware is ideally suited to both below and above ground uses. The tighter pore structure and much more dense material is better suited for in ground amniotic fluid vessels(slower evaporation)as well as excellent water holding capabilities above ground. The stoneware is also extremely frost resistant and very robust.


"Falling Leaves" contemporary and thought provoking verse. Written by Buster Nolan and illustrated by Hannah Blue Sky.

"Hello Human Relatives " A small booklet with a message from the trees to humans ,written by Buster Nolan and illustrated by Hannah Blue Sky .

For more information on ordering products please contact via e-mail talkingtrees@hotmail.co.uk

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