How the Rivers work


Every river in the world works in the same way. Understand one and you

understand them all.

There’s the river, right in front of you, what is it trying to do? The water is

completely controlled by temperature. It is constantly adjusting itself as it

flows along.

Every time it’s in the light the water molecules expand slightly,

causing them to shed some of their sediment load.

The next instant the water is in the shade. Immediately the water

molecules contract due to the cooling effect. In daylight the river is doing

this to every part of itself, all of the time. Where ever it becomes shallow it

warms and drops sediment, wherever it gets deep it cools and picks

sediment up. So, as it moves along you can see from the sediment on the

riverbed what it is doing. At night, in the dark the whole scene is changed.

The moon is now in charge, and cold is brought into play. At night the

temperature of the water plummets. The colder it gets the more power it

has to pick things up. At plus 4 degrees centigrade even quite large egg-

shaped stones come to the surface (see Viktor Schaubergers floating

stones) because the water molecules shrink (compress) as the anomaly

point of water +4 degrees C is reached, in the cold of night the river picks

up stones instead of sediment. Still controlled by temperature the night

water follows the same path as the day water and once again the river

acts to adjust itself. Any fractional change in the water temperature and

stones are dropped. Even at night as the water crosses sediment shallows

it immediately drops stones as the temperature warms slightly. At daylight

the stone moving stops, and the sand crew come into action once again.

What is it the river is trying to do, as it shifts unimaginable amounts of

sand and stone? It is making the best possible route; every time water is

in the light it immediately tries to cover itself.

It is trying first of all to make a river bank, which when completed will be

covered in flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees. All brought to the right

place to enable the rivers core temperature of +4degreesC. To be

maintained. Wherever the river runs shaded by trees, it will sit right in the

middle of its channel profile, a cool, healthy water temperature. The water

is in perfect conditions. As soon as the trees no longer cover the ground

for 1000 metres either side of the river the self-repair and maintenance

effect kicks into action. The +4c core immediately moves to run along the

shady side. The faster, colder water moving ahead in the shade while

slower moving, sun lit, and shallower water starts to drop its sediment. If

left alone every river creates the conditions most favourable to itself. It

makes its own bends, tree cover, everything. This process is going on

every day, every night, on every river, everywhere. Every time we take

down a tree, make a field, or build something next to a river it immediately

starts changing the light and the temperature of the water and the auto-

immune system kicks in.

When you understand what the river is trying to do you can speed up the

process of self-repair. By creating the right condition’s, the water needs,

the river once again begins to move in the right way.

By planting (cannabis- hemp) or tree cover either side of the river would

help to shape the bends correctly, and instead of an uncontrollable, failing

system we once again have harmony. Instead of draining the banks of

energy and flooding our fields and homes, the river now does its job

properly. It now flows in its own natural rhythm, a bend to the left, then a

bend to the right, maybe a little straight, then once again a left, then a

right. Like a snake the water wriggles across the ground. The bends

speed the water up, the straights slow it down. It’s in the moonlight that

the water can really be seen. The full moon shows a twisting, turning silver


The metallic sheen on the glistening water turns it into solid silver,

reflecting the inner metal composition of the water, on its journey beneath

the earth’s surface the water “
tastes” and in-folds into its memory every

element or metal/mineral that it meets. It entered the earth empty of

memory, as newly formed rain. Born in the air water is created by falling

hydrogen molecules. When it reaches the +4c ozone layer the H2 drops of

its O molecule. The O molecule is added to the ozone layer to repair any

holes caused by debris etc. turning O2 into O3 or ozone. The ozone layer

slows down the solar radiation as it enters our atmosphere. Bereft of their

O molecule the two hydrogen molecules have to now fall back to the

earth. As they fall through the cold of the high atmosphere the two

molecules get covered in ice. These falling egg shaped water molecules

spin as they fall causing them to charge. Left spin minus, right spin plus.

As they fall the temperature rises and eventually the ice walls are melted

into water by the sun’s heat. Being born in the air the “memory-less” water

absorbs all that it tastes. Being warmer than the ground the water is

absorbed like a sponge. Beneath the forest the ground is always cold and

this enables up 90% of all falling rain to be immediately absorbed by a

correctly working forest. The leaf litter always ensuring that the ground is

cooler than the falling rain. The rest of the water (10%) carried away by

correctly shaped streams which never overflow or flood no matter how

much rain falls.


no rain enters the earth. Because the ground is warmer than the

rain the water cannot get in. With nowhere to go it follows the surface

contours flooding as it goes. When the sun eventually returns all the

standing water evaporates back into the air. Each flood joining the next as

the air fills with water. Each storm more violent as the system runs out of

control. Any water entering the ground can take between 1 and 1000

years before it returns to the surface.

Tasting and infolding into its memory everything it meets, potentising itself,

becoming vast underground rivers, sealed inside the earth. No light and

no oxygen reach the water, it roars and twists and falls through ovoid

caverns made of every element known to man. Underground whirlpools at

+4c blending opposing elements as the memory of water ensures that

each molecule shares its information or taste, with every other molecule.

Every time a plus meets a minus a birth or ray is created, which radiates

into the surrounding rock, charging the underground battery. When the

water is ripe, it comes once again into the above world, the metalized,

mineralised water which glows silver in the moonlight. On its below ground

journey, the water molecules have to pass through and absorb the

memory of coal or carbone. This lignifies or endows the water with fire,

carrying the memory of lignin, it passes through the trees and into the air

as the oxygen that each leaf either transpires or makes. As solar radiation

hits the rising oxygen or fire molecules it ignites the fire within creating


If you FRACK the shale/oil bearing rocks you steal the substance that

gives water it’s live/life charge. Without oil/coal memory the water has no

charge! This charge is contained in every fruit and nut; in every breath of

air, it makes daylight! It even gives the sun its light! It also gives us


 “The river sits in a landscape that it has created. A rainbow is shining in

the air. It slowly spells a rainbow message in the air above the river

It said, “AREN’T I CLEVER… I reply, YES YOU ARE!”

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