Monoculture versus Mother Nature

Monoculture versus  Mother Nature

Monoculture forests and monoculture fields turn Mother Earth into a baby! By emptying the forests of life and reducing the land into bare earth (fields). Once every year we turn the Earth growth system back to the year zero.
By killing or cutting down every unwanted tree – bush-shrub in the forest and by killing with chemical warfare every weed,seed,soil organism, in every field, all competition is removed and the field is empty. Instead of bio-diversity, we choose to grow a field of carrots! Instead of an explosion of growth e.g.; trees, shrubs and bushes making the food crop needed to feed every bird, fish, animal, insect and human!

Every thing that is not carrot friendly has been killed by chemicals, guns or chainsaws but Mother Earth doesn’t just want carrots. That’s why she grows (with no help from us) a shading cover on every piece of exposed soil, by growing weeds, shrubs, bushes and  trees and then a forest! Using shade to bring coolness, life slowly builds, as insects,flowers,leaves,birds ,animals,humans and water, cover the bare earth. The water pump-“table-battery” starts to work properly again.

The cooling shading trees control and operate the ground water table. The leaf litter allowing  rain to enter the ground once more and growing, sweating leaves; allowing  the earth water out.

 The earth would become a breathing, living landscape absorbing CO2 and making oxygen, controlling and managing the rain and wind. Or alternatively, a field of grasses, carrots etc. being left in charge? (The baby in control, instead of the mother).
The Baby with baby toys in charge of the wild wind and the wild Water.

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