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For the last couple of years, Buster Nolan has been finding a place for his poems in music.

Working with fellow defender of Seahenge, multi-percussionist Si Todd, multi-instrumentalist and producer Adam Hunwicks, and multi-instrumentalist and producer Dale Hubbard, these albums have come to life.

With 'Seahenge Lament', we have told the story of this ancient sacred site, which was destroyed in 1999 by English Heritage! This album is 11 songs, led by acoustic guitar, congas and voice, often built upon with strings, electric guitars, drum kit, bass and didgeridoo.

With 'Brand New Dress', we hear Buster, Si, Adam and Dale playing high volume rock, blues and funk. Addressing issues of the earth and the soul, this is a 'live studio' album.

Please visit www.myspace.com/busternolan and www.myspace.com/anomalypoint for more info, and to hear us!

Our album 'Seahenge Lament', is available from itunes, please use the following link.

Buster Nolan - Seahenge Lament

Image: Our new album 'Seahenge Lament', that leads you on a musical journey through this ancient sacred site.


Image: Our new album 'Brand New Dress', by our 4 piece electric band 'Anomaly Point'.


Buster Nolan - Seahenge Lament



Bankers by Anomaly Point

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