Water and Phage’s

Water has a bacteria-phage threshold. This means water can spontaneously produce from its memory bacteria or phage’s. If water heats up it produces bacteria. More heat more bacteria. However if the water cools down, again from the same memory, it produces phage’s. A bacteria is a life destroying form. A phage is a life enhancing form. At +4 degrees centigrade in an in-winding whirlpool, water starts producing life enhancing energies. Atomic reactions take place which cause a higher energy to fill the water. These energies or phage’s have no specific density. This means they require no space within the water. If the +4c anomaly point of water causes the production of phage’s then using ice made from water with the same memory to control water temperature means the holding egg fills with life enhancing energies [phage’s]. As much energy as is required. Phages destroy bacteria. As long as the water is below 11c the phage’s can live. A small glass of water can hold unlimited amounts of phages. Remember energy requires no space. In the ancient Indian Vedas all life started with a churning of the oceans. The picture shown shows a whirlpool from which life spontaneously arises. So by using opposite directional in-winding vortexes within an unglazed breathing egg shape, using a specifically created impellor made of the correct material which can pull the water from the outside to the centre, we can make charged phage water from any flower or mineral/crystal. Healing wells often had different phage’s, within different wells, and the name of a well or spring was an indicator of its health benefits; eye-well, back-well etc. The memory or mixture of elements in each well is creating a different charge within the water. At +4c, with a few fish added to stir the water, each well would fill with Phage’s or life enhancing energies. Each would have a different mixture of elements because of the different minerals or soils that each well or underground spring had tasted. This means we can create within the egg as many phages that we want from any mixture we want.

And phage’s kill bacteria.                                                                     


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