Problems facing the trees

Every tree dies on the spot it was born.
The fact that this particular place was good 
enough for the parent tree means all that is necessary for a good tree life is there. 

The water table and soil providing for each particular species. This is how it has been
since the beginning. The trees have been so successful that they completely covered the
land. Now they are almost gone. Deforestation for timber is removing the last of the
rainforests and the rest of the trees are being poisoned by pollution.
We are entering the new millennium with a global tree crisis. It’s time to do something
about it.
There are some things we can do immediately. Our example will be the three hundred or
so ancient Yew trees in Britain over twenty feet in girth. These trees have flourished on
the same spot for between 5000 and 10000 years. In all this time the air, soil and water
conditions have remained suitable for a healthy life. Now they all face the same
problems. Lowering water table levels, mineral deficiencies and airborne pollution. They
are locked in to a half hydrological water cycle. With no goodness coming up through the
roots, and only the falling rain to feed them the pollutants it picks up, on its fall to the


To implement an immediate remineralisation plan around each tree would immediately
alter soil conditions.
Providing mulches around each tree could be done to change the P.H. of incoming acid
or polluted rainfall.
Providing water feed sources for each tree. Water vortexing in a rainwater butt with a
sack full of crushed minerals suspended with-in would enrich water in times of drought etc.

Urine therapy: with a twenty percent urine eighty percent water mix.

Viktor Schauberger. "tree eggs"

There are many ways to help trees. The same methods can be used on the Apple tree in
your garden or the mighty Oak in the forest. All trees are as one. They could all use a
little T.L.C.


In an atmosphere which is making it impossible for year-on-year accumulators such as
trees to survive we have to think of new solutions. We need an immediate leaf cover over
the planet to clean the air, provide oxygen, restore the temperature gradient, pump up
the water, and fix and store all the pollutants. We need a plant that will grow quickly,
everywhere. A plant that gives us the benefits of a forest, but in twenty weeks not one
hundred years. There is one plant that will do this. But no country on the earth is freely
allowed to grow it. A plant that fits with all the agenda 21 commitments for a sustainable
local economy. That cleans the soil, air and water every year it grows. The plant is the
cannabis/hemp plant. It gives fuel, paper, animal and human food, clothing and oil to
every village, town and country on the earth. It provides the green party dream. An
environmentally sustainable local economy, everywhere.
It can grow anywhere, and indeed was grown everywhere until this century.

In 1995 leader of the house of commons Tony
Newton M.P. (my local M.P).said,  "Buster, I believe that what you are saying about the
trees is in fact true, but if you insist on cannabis/hemp as part of the solution I can't help you."

I replied, "that some time’s you have to employ solutions you don’t personally like for the good of all."

It's not the end of time and the final chapter is not yet written.
A new millennium is a new beginning.

In 1000 years our baby Redwoods, Yews and Oaks will be well on their way to
building back once again an organic planet earth.

The Goddess will be pleased with all her children,

And the planet will once again sing.

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