The eco-tec garden

The global warming debate is starting to get as heated as the planet itself.

Expert after expert is making more and more predictions of bigger and worse problems to come.

Everybody is becoming a prophet of doom but no one is coming up with a way out?
So what chance does the ordinary parent, grandparent or child in every land have to deal with the situation?

Governments are trying to legislate the pollution out of the air as children are breathing through inhalers.

Environmental diseases are sweeping through the human and animal populations whilst forests are dying and rivers are drying up. What can I, one person do about it ?

This is the one man one woman save the planet Eco-tec garden

Everyone lives on a piece of earth, beneath the earth is the underground environment,above the ground, is the above ground environment, below is the realm of the rocks (minerals) the water and the cold.

Above the ground is the world of growth , light and heat.
Below darkness, above light.

It is the way these two worlds inter-react that dictates what happens in every place. All each individual has to do is correct any imbalances in the area they live.

The save the planet eco-tec garden is a way to do this.

The environment we share is a collective name, for many smaller environments.
Every place has its own unique environment.
The people born and living in each place reflect that uniqueness.

The composition and placement of minerals within the underground river and water system living in the cold dark depths of everyplace, and the above ground availability of heat and light and location.

Everywhere has an interaction to the sun , moon and stars.
It is in the differences in temperature, light and shade, hot and cold.

The Eco -Tec Garden.
Every garden no matter how big, no matter how small, can become an eco-tec garden. Any gardener no matter how small or how big, can become an eco-tec gardener.
Every garden, farm or forest, every valley, hill and mountain.

Every spring, river and sea. Everywhere on earth can be simply changed by the people living in every place.

This is how you do it;

Step 1 . Clean up the place.

Get rid of any iron tools in the garden, farm or forest.

Every where on planet earth is the iron age.
Every tool in every place is made of iron.
Every tool that cuts open the skin of mother earth is made of rusty iron!
Every iron shovel, hoe, fork, plough and farming implement, every chainsaw, axe and blade, made of iron.

Each time an iron tool is used in the earth it encounters stone. These cause the iron tool to chip.
Year after year these chips of iron fall on our soils.
The bigger the tool, the faster it is pulled the more stones are chipped at the ploughs and harrows and more heat is created.

Then comes the rain and all these iron chippings turn to rust!
The fields are covered in water and rusting iron and all the subtle energies made by mother nature to nurture growth in her children (the seeds) is discharged to the air through magnetic attraction by every rusting particles.

Every iron object that penetrates the soil is a magnet. The larger the object the deeper it is planted, if it has any iron content the more powerfully it steals the accumulated earth charge!

By simply changing to copper or phosphor-bronze it would completely change the structure of the soil.
Any chipping would simply leave deposits of non-magnetic, non-rusting, earth sweetening copper!

As the rusty iron goes the land becomes cleaner, fresher, no iron fences no iron tree guards no iron tools...

Replace every iron tool used to touch the earth with tools made from copper or from coated phosphor bronze, wood or bone.

Every tool or object made of iron steals earth energy.

Step 2
Change your compost heap

Everywhere the earth is heating up. This is because of all the fires on mother earth . Everyone every day is continually lighting fires, little fires; kettles, toasters and light bulbs etc. Bigger fires are lit by our cars, trains and planes, and the hottest fires of all; the towns the cities the power stations.

With a situation as hot as this we do not want to light another fire beneath our compost heap! So instead we make a cold compost heap, or as it is more correctly called , a tree egg or worm sanatorium.

By simply preparing an egg an around a tree, filling the egg with the right ingredients (a 5 star menu irresistible to worms) and by allowing the worms to ingest this specially prepared feast

Recipe for Tree Egg

1. River gravel

2. Drying racks for compost

3. 2 sacks of Earth

4. Compost materials: Newly mown (dry) grass cuttings, chopped vegetable waste matter i.e. stalks, peelings, eggshells etc, laid out on drying racks

5. When compost is dry place a 20 inch layer of the dry compost in the hole that you have dug with wood and copper and press down.

6. Wrap the tree in newspaper or card to create and air duct.

7. Over the dried matter put filings of copper and zinc and small amounts of raw cane sugar and salt.

8. The next layer of your tree egg will be an 8inch section with a mixture of earth and River gravel.
Now the initial stages are complete
Prevent rain water from infiltrating the mixture, the tree’s canopy will be most useful for this, alternatively you can use a tarp

Slowly the egg fills with diner's (worms) who eat everything until the whole egg fills with worms, using there unique chewing, serpentine motion, the worms transform the compost.

The egg must be completed layer by layer through the summer, the worms moving through each layer.

When autumn comes simply cover the egg with leaves.
In the worm sanatorium the "diners" go to sleep in the cold leaf covered egg.
The temperature plummets, the frost comes and reduces all the worms to juice.

This worm oil permeates the egg full of worm castings to make a super compost
Simply place the super rich soil under trees or in garden and fields.
This must be done away from direct sunlight, simply pull top few inches of topsoil away, then apply a layer of worm compost and re-cover with garden soil. 









Step 3
Install an earth engine or repulsator

After three thousand years of iron age and fire technology a lot has changed to the natural earth energy system.
As each civilisation built upon the ruins of the past, so to was knowledge built.
Each generation building from the minds who embraced fire and worshipped the king of all fires, the sun.
So for many thousands of years the male god, the sun was worshipped.
So with each generation the test for all that was new, had to fit in with a mind-set, built from the old.
All new knowledge was twisted to fit the rules of the male truth, science.
In order to make fire something has to be burnt, in a society that worships fire a lot gets burnt.
The more society develops, the more fuel it requires.
When a big society starts running out of fuel it starts to look for its neighbours fuel suppl,y so the big swallows the small.
More and more fuel is burnt until everything starts to get really hot. Now the global fire consumes the trees and rivers above the ground and the coal and oil and water from below the ground. The polar ice cap melts while the servants of each version of the same story fight for any fuel or water still left .
Above, the sun is hot and getting hotter, in the middle of the earth there is another smaller sun, it is the fiery molten core.
Between these two suns is the water strata below ground and the rivers, seas and water vapour above ground.
The shade was provided by the living forests of the earth, the water below ground was cooled by the giant shading trees whilst they simultaneously cooled and moistened the air above . The farmers of every land are the stewards and creators of all we see happening around us.
We the gardeners of the planet make all growth appear or disappear, we have to get control of the fire and cool the temperature before it cooks our seeds. No matter what type of seed, all seeds need the right soil temperatures and moisture conditions . It takes hundreds if not thousands of years to recreate the huge forests that used to moisten and cool the planet, above and below ground. With major deforestation taking place, huge areas of once cooled land are heating up.
This is the ground that most of us are already living on .
With water companies sinking metal water pipes into every underground aquastat (or water egg) the natural makers of earth energy, the underground canyons or river eggs are being drained of the very fuel they use to make energy.


The energy required to fuel every living , growing thing .
So what every person is facing in every place , is a situation where one or all of the local cooling systems have broken down .
What happens in an eco-tec garden is that the alchemist or gardener attempts to bring all the cooling elements into the disrupted system .
The earth engine tricks the garden or field into thinking a cooling forest is still above it . By sinking repulsators of cold metiflorous spring water impregnated by the maternal and paternal rays of copper and zinc into the sub-soil the ground is both cooled and impregnated by horizontal propagated rays . The repulsators are sunk into the garden field or forest , holding 200 litres of spring water in an egg shaped vessel produces interesting results . An egg shaped vessel has no straight lines or corners . The perfect egg shaped interior allows the water no resting place . As it sits inside the egg the water is subjected to three different orbits . These orbits produce the spins or spirals in the water egg . The first orbital motion is the planetary spin , the second is the spiralling directional orbit the planet is taking , and the third is the spiralling orbit of the galaxy which is our home . The Milky Way . These unseen but actual motions take place inside every egg shaped container . Within the water egg another thing occurs . Every water egg holds within itself an inner egg of water held in place by temperature . The temperature of this inner egg is +4c .
As the sun warms the earth around the Repulsator it causes a warming of the water just inside the egg .This causes the warm water to rise . As it rises it forces the cold water to fall causing another , inner circulation . As the water egg spins the copper and zinc particles twinkle and spin like a nebulous electrical coil . The cold temperatures , Copper and Zinc particles , and the memory of minerals , substances , and experiences held by the spring water combine to produce all sorts of combining , spiralling , reactive substances .Tractive and reactive forces are held and released within the spiralling water embryo . Horizontal , maternal rays pulse out in a one kilometre circle . To be picked up by he root gels of every growing thing , GROWTH ENERGY . Paternal bolts are unleashed in an upward and downward stream , whilst all around the egg the ground becomes aware of our living , breathing +4c mini core . A giant ice cube to cool all that comes in contact . Slowly the below ground becomes cooler . The passing water in the soil structure becomes minutely cooled . Tricking the below into thinking a forest is above .

Tricking the below into thinking that a water egg is making energy again . When the below works the above can work . Growth can appear from nothing .
The divine marriage only works when both parties come together in the right way . The Repulsator encourages a female psyche to develop in the land . As the ground cools growth can occur . When energy is present a current for growth is also present. Thus a repulsator can regenerate a kilometre of forest or farmland .
If everyone , everywhere puts a repulsator in their garden , field , or forest the Earth herself is cooled .All the new growth or super growth will remove co2 from our atmosphere . All plants photosynthesise oxygen from their leaves , making air for us to breathe . The more we grow the cooler it gets . Less flame means less heat. All human beings live in their own temperature band . A few degrees make the difference between life and no life .Bacteria are propagated by heat . Phages are made in cool temperatures . The bacteria-phages threshold is controlled by temperature . Coolness brings about life enhancing energies , heat promotes life destroying energies . If you overheat the threshold that which destroys and breaks down , flourishes . If you cool it down life enhancing and life building forces flourish . It really is as simple as that .


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